Party prep.

-bathroom cleanage -> floor; counter; bathroom sink; mirror; clean the bathtub and draw curtains before the party
-kitchen cleanage -> surfaces wiped down
-floors swept, swiffered, and possibly scrubbed
-large couch slipcover straightened and tied
-couch cushion covers sewn
-neaten general stuff up
-mirror hung on the linen closet door
-pick up recycling bins
-purchase larger garbage can
-rearrange end tables


Getting ready for party on Saturday, so trying to finish unpacking, clean, and everything.

Stuff done:

- fridge cleaned out (old, stale pop, moldy spaghetti sauce and tuna all tossed); I don't think I missed anything that was going bad, but feel free to do a once over to check my work
- more stuff moved out of the common space and into storage; there's probably some more that can be done that I haven't yet
- boxes unpacked (more a personal thing than space-wise for the party)
- most of the trash taken out
- dishes done; tea towels laundered

Stuff still to be done:

- clean bathroom
- swiffer floors; this requires everything else to be clean, though, so it'll have to come last
- Costco run for food and snacks
- make some form of dessert-y thing; possibly cake, possibly something else, possibly both
- clean spare wall across from bathroom to paint on; also, clean wall in kitchen of pencil marks due to hanging the pots/pans

Anything else that I've noticeably missed?
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